Friday, August 23, 2019
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What Tax Bill?

Republicans rode into 2018 on a high; they passed a momentous tax bill (which included the repeal of the individual mandate, a major blow...

What Will 2018 Mean For Europe?

This election cycle could show Europe's true colors.

GOP Looks to Replace Roy Moore

What can Republicans do to avoid losing a Senate seat in Alabama? Dump Roy Moore, for starters.

Trump, Russia, and the Ties That Don’t Bind. Yet.

It seems that every day, some new member of President Donald Trump’s administration or family (they're increasingly indistinguishable) makes the papers through the discovery...

Battle for the Heart of the Democratic Party

Will progressives or pragmatic centrists determine the future of the Democratic Party's identity?

State of the States: New Jersey

New Jersey, a state in turmoil.