Saturday, September 21, 2019



Immigration and Dehumanization – The Crisis on The Border

Gas canisters fly through the air and land in the sandy soil, releasing their stifling contents. Armed men in uniforms bark orders...

World Around Us

A Peace Deal Has Been Reached In South Sudan, But Will...

By Ochola K'ochola On Sunday, Aug. 5, 2018, South Sudan’s conflicting parties made a significant step towards peace and security. This took place in a...


Diplomacy in the Divided City

Jerusalem, Trump, and Congress: The Right Move Caleb Herrin There are many reasons to complain about Trump’s foreign policy, but moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem...

State of the States

State of the States: New Jersey

New Jersey, a state in turmoil.

Race to Replace

The Trump Endorsement

By Madison Cooper With the notable exception of Alabama’s special election Senatorial Race, an endorsement from President Trump has been a surefire guarantee of victory...